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Wevr Virtual Studio has gained popularity not only in Los Angeles but also beyond its borders. It is a cloud-based platform for interactive creators to develop virtual worlds and related gaming applications. The Los Angeles Future will reveal more about virtual reality with Wevr Virtual Studio.

The history of Wevr: where did it all begin?

The company was founded in 2009. The location of the virtual studio is Venice, California. The co-founders of Wevr are: 

  • Neville Spiteri, CEO
  • Marcel Samek, CTO
  • Scott Yara, Chairman of the board
  • Anthony Batt, EVP Productions.

An instrumental figure in the company’s history is Shane Robinson. He is the Executive VP of Finance, Financial Operations, and Business Development.

The company’s employees create both games and interactive projects. Therefore, the initial goal was to create a specialized platform for game developers, namely to facilitate their work.

The company’s co-founders listed the challenges encountered by game developers on their official page:

  • Slow iterations
  • Assembly breakdowns
  • Issues with local servers and infrastructure
  • Managing teams spread across different time zones.

While implementing the large-scale Harry Potter VR project, the Wevr team faced the above challenges. It was the year 2020. Then came the question of why there was no out-of-the-box DevOps solution for gaming and real-time 3D development.

The peculiarity of working in Wevr

Founders of companies and startups can quickly and easily organize projects and team members. Whether they are artists, producers, designers, or other employees located anywhere, they all feel like they are working together. That’s thanks to Wevr Virtual Studio. Here are some of its features.

  1. Secure collaboration. Employees, contractors and customers have secured access to projects through the centralized workspace.
  2. Automated workflows guide projects from the early sketch phase to the final game.
  3. The comprehensive assembly dashboard provides a clear overview of the project.
  4. Open communication between interactive creators and their fans is made possible through the project sharing features. 

An underwater virtual reality adventure

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County introduced a new exhibit in 2017, TheBlu, an underwater virtual reality adventure developed by Wevr. This  VR exhibit allows visitors to experience being underwater, explore the beauty of the ocean, and come face to face with some of the most terrifying species on the planet.

The 6-minute virtual experience by the Wevr features:

  • An encounter with an 80-foot blue whale that swims past a shipwreck.
  • Additionally, visitors can witness an underwater migration at the edge of a coral reef with turtles and swarms of jellyfish.
  • Colorful sea anemones that respond to touch are also included in the adventure.
  • There will be a deep plunge into the abyss. Using a virtual flashlight, you will see hidden creatures such as the angler fish and squid.

Top off the experience is a deep dive into the abyss. Using a digital flashlight, you can observe concealed creatures like anglerfish and squid.

The museum’s director and president, Dr. Lori Bettison-Varga, spoke in 2017 about finding ways to improve digital communication with the natural world. She observed that Wevr’s work provides a unique experience. The number of visitors inspired by the underwater adventure continues to grow.

Advantages of Wevr

Wevr is a purpose-built cloud platform that turns science fiction into a reality. It provides creators and developers with a specialized space for team cooperation, project organization, automation and stakeholder validation.

By using Wevr, creators gain access to the Meta Universe, making the potential and possibilities of the cloud platform truly impressive.

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