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A common stereotype is that Los Angeles is all about the film industry, Hollywood and incredible sunny weather. Los Angeles Future will help expand your perspective by emphasizing the extent to which the city is a hotspot for technology companies.

Opportunities for Los Angeles technology companies

Emerging technologies. It’s about those companies and capabilities that expand the worldview from artificial intelligence to virtual reality.

Technology companies are making significant strides in media and entertainment.

Such companies have a focus on global climate change, working for a more sustainable future. They actively pursue the implementation of innovative solutions to achieve this goal.

On the whole, companies of this nature are known for their out-of-the-box thinking and determination. The products they create are actively shaping the future.

Wpromote, a digital marketing company; Core Digital Media, which specializes in online marketing; TaskUs, a customer service company; and WEVR, which offers virtual reality-based technology solutions, are just a few examples of such companies. In fact, the list of such companies is extensive, further affirming the notion that the city is a technological paradise.

Impact on the local economy

The technology industry in Los Angeles has a noteworthy influence on the local economy. Some examples include:

  • Job growth
  • Tax revenues
  • Financial investment
  • Support for volunteer initiatives and fundraisers.

Let’s focus on the last example. The fact is that a large number of Los Angeles IT companies are opting to adopt corporate social responsibility practices.

Technology startups: the story of LegalZoom

Historically, the Los Angeles tech community began to grow in the mid-1990s. One company that has also contributed to this is LegalZoom.

The company was founded in 2001 in Glendale by Brian Lee, Brian Liu, Edward Hartman and Robert Shapiro. Its primary goal was to provide quality legal assistance to all those in need. The company has come a long way since its founding, earning recognition as one of the biggest registries of trademarks and emerging as the preeminent legal brand in the United States.

It has been a journey from DIY software to a comprehensive small business. The company’s functions include business registration services and legal advice on various practice areas.

The workforce has expanded to over a thousand employees, with headquarters in Glendale and Austin.

It is pertinent to add that Los Angeles is the founders’ hometown. At the time of their company’s inception, Los Angeles was a fledgling tech-centered community. Subsequently, the community here has expanded to encompass numerous established businesses and startups.

The founders of LegalZoom revealed in an interview that they were ‘excited to have been at the forefront of that booming transformation’. The team constantly strives to achieve the mission of democratizing the law, which is why every innovation only enhances the customer experience. The company primarily focuses on the needs of small businesses and families.

Networking for Los Angeles technology industry professionals

Technology industry professionals have access to various networking opportunities, including conferences as well as offline and online meetings.

The most effective ways to establish valuable connections in Los Angeles are:

  • Los Angeles Venture Association. The LAVA has been hosting forums in the city since 1985 to foster the growth of entrepreneurs and venture executives while providing a platform for professionals such as executives, investors and financial advisors to network and learn from each other. The community also offers webinars, initiatives and presentations featuring distinguished representatives.
  • Women in Technology in Los Angeles. WIT is a community where status holds no importance, as every female representative has the opportunity to socialize, share their personal stories and stand together in solidarity, growing stronger. That’s why technical events and meetings are routinely held throughout the city, making this community relevant to those working in or interested in the technology industry in Los Angeles.
  • LA Tech Happy Hour provides opportunities to find and build local communities. Entrepreneurs and startup founders find like-minded friends, learn something new, get support and get out of their comfort zone. These experiences help them pursue their passions and goals at an accelerated pace.

Support for startups and entrepreneurs

The Los Angeles tech industry participants can rely on support from accelerators and incubators. Additionally, they have investment opportunities. It’s worth looking closer at the resources available to startups and newly established business owners.

  1. StartUp UCLA. Its mission is to promote and foster entrepreneurship among UCLA students and graduates. Affordable programs provide information, networking and technology opportunities to help entrepreneurs succeed. StartUp UCLA actively advocates for the entrepreneurial ecosystem at UCLA by partnering with students, faculty, and graduates to achieve their goals. It’s worth highlighting consulting, meetings and workshops among the programs available.
  2. LA Techstars. It assists in developing and growing your startup into a successful business. The company selects over 500 startups and new projects each year to join one of its three-month accelerators. Working with Techstars provides numerous advantages, including further investment, hands-on mentoring and network access.
  3. Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator. Established in 2011, It is the city’s official clean technology business incubator, helping to accelerate the commercialization of clean technologies as well as increase jobs in the region. LACI aims to unite people and establish an all-inclusive green economy. Top priority areas include emission-free transportation, 100% clean energy and the development of smart cities.

A plan for newcomers: where to start?

What can those who aspire to be part of the innovative tech landscape in Los Angeles do? Following new trends, immersing yourself in the study of this area, and sharing your knowledge with others is a must.

Here are some practical steps to take.

  1. You should review the Los Angeles tech communities and reach out to the one that best suits your interests and goals.
  2. Stay informed and up-to-date on the latest advancements.
  3. Be mindful of how technology impacts your life.

The City of Angels is rapidly transforming into a technological paradise, offering numerous opportunities. So, it’s up to you to decide whether to embrace and become a part of this thriving segment or not.

Why choose Los Angeles?

It’s worth noting that compared to California’s tech centers, such as San Francisco or Silicon Valley, the city lags behind in this regard. However, the tech industry in Los Angeles operates at a commendable level. It’s home to a thriving tech industry and a favorable environment for the inception of innovative projects.

More tech startup owners are making their choice to locate in Los Angeles. This preference stems from the city’s thriving economy, favorable working conditions, the government’s prioritization of innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as easy availability of financing. It confirms that the city has a promising future in the digital industry.

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