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Meetings with like-minded people and conversations about important things in the professional field – all these things are obtained by business owners who partner with professional organizations. The Los Angeles Future will tell you more about these organizations and the opportunities they provide for successful businesspeople and those just starting out.

Digital LA

The founder of the company is Kevin Winston. Digital LA is a group created for executives of technology companies, entrepreneurs and founders of various startups. Every week, Kevin Winston organizes lively events in Los Angeles that are hard to miss. Here are a few examples of possible topics:

  • Blockchain
  • Healthcare technology
  • Silicon Beachfest. It’s an annual, multi-day conference for Los Angeles residents and guests.

It’s an excellent opportunity to network and attract more professionally oriented people into the business area.

US Black Chambers, Inc. (USBC)

The organization holds networking events as a regular feature. It is worth taking a closer look at the programs available.

  1. Grow with Google is a series of free digital training courses designed to help small businesses master the tools they need to adapt faster and add value to their communities. The organization works directly with Google, which helps to spread the word about the new business attribute.
  2. Advancing Black Entrepreneurs is a collection of practical resources to help promote black entrepreneurs. This program facilitates development and faster scaling.
  3. Another exciting opportunity is the Amazon Black Business Accelerator (BBA) Program. By participating in it, the entrepreneur gets access to business advice, capital and marketing support and will be able to count on mentoring. Through the program and in partnership with Hello Alice, black entrepreneurs will have access to compete for cash grants.

Chamber membership provides access to the network of business and government contacts, free financial education and more. It is always beneficial for a company to learn and to be able to receive technical support on time, thereby helping to advance their business.

Local Chamber Of Commerce

It is an integrated business network that focuses on the common interests of small businesses in local areas of the United States. The benefits of joining your Local Chamber of Commerce are many, and it’s worth taking a closer look at each one.

  1. Establishing business contacts. By joining a Local Chamber,  entrepreneurs and their businesses are automatically opened to a network of potential partners. Business contacts also mean support, new ideas and potential partners for new business.
  2. Increasing credibility. Businesses that are members of the Local Chamber enjoy a higher level of trust among customers.
  3. Empowerment. It means getting to know community members, other business owners, or professionals in your specific field.
  4. Obtaining access to the core business resources, such as newsletters, websites and networking events to learn new skills and techniques.
  5. Professional Development Support. Local Chamber of Commerce members attend regular training and participate in specialized events focused on professional development.

What’s interesting is that along with the positive perception of your business, the owner’s income will also grow because of the increased level of trust and brand recognition in a particular industry.


It is a highly engaging and fulfilling organization that you should consider becoming involved with. Its members are leaders, true titans of the industry who have undergone an incredibly rigorous selection process. As a result, it provides an excellent opportunity to network and establish oneself.

Interestingly, the organization has been around since 1950. It is a leadership community with a long history, numerous accomplishments and a trajectory that has consistently moved forward. By joining this professional, technological community, you can grow stronger and much easier, enhancing not just your business but also your personal and environmental well-being.

Through this community, members share experiences, learn from each other and have access to various training programs. Notably, many members of the organization not only share an undoubtedly extraordinary experience but also make lasting and lasting friendships.


It is the leading global membership organization for CEOs. The community’s performance is best characterized by numbers. An analysis of the 2021 performance numbers revealed the following:

  • The organization’s membership surpassed the mark of 24,500 members.
  • Vistage holds over 15,000 annual meetings.
  • There are two CEO groups in Los Angeles, with Brian Oken at the helm.

Vistage is the leading organization where business owners and CEOs regularly join to share experiences, challenge each other to think critically and make better decisions. Continuous learning and the opportunity to consistently acquire practical knowledge hold immense value. Developing leadership skills, making prompt decisions and ultimately reaching greater heights are the direct results of that learning.

Social Media Club LA

It’s the Los Angeles chapter of the International Social Media Club. The organization brings together true professionals in digital, entertainment, social media and PR.

It hosts monthly events on hot topics relevant to what you do as a digital marketing professional. With a Club membership, you can attend every event free of charge. However, these are by no means all the benefits.

Social Media Club LA is a non-profit volunteer club comprised of members from throughout the Los Angeles community working in a variety of fields. The club focuses its activities on the intersection of technology, culture and entertainment. All these things make Los Angeles a true epicenter of events.

Interestingly, the club was founded in 2008 and since then, it has gathered a massive audience of fans. You can contact the club or become a member by using one of the most convenient ways for you:

  • Visit the club’s official website
  • Reach out to the active Facebook community
  • Send an email
  • Connect through Twitter and LinkedIn.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of social media in business promotion. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a global corporation or a small business, as promotion on social media and beyond will provide an effective push to move forward.

Los Angeles is a thriving and ever-growing community of practitioners eager to gain and apply knowledge. The Social Media Club is a great chance to put it all into action.

Social Media Club LA is partnering with the General Assembly in Los Angeles, with all events taking place in Santa Monica or at the General Assembly campus in downtown Los Angeles.

How was the list created?

Besides networking with like-minded professionals, business owners gain inspiration and generate innovative ideas.  To augment the business aspect of your venture, peruse this Forbes Los Angeles Business Council member-recommended list of organizations.

Of course, these are by no means all professional organizations, but just a few examples. Los Angeles residents can always do more research and pursue additional opportunities for professional networking and development.

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