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SSA Group, a Premier Provider of Dedicated Software Development Services

SSA Group, a premier provider of dedicated software development services, delivers extensive solutions for businesses looking to improve their software capabilities. When clients hire a dedicated software development team from SSA Group, they benefit from skilled consultants who integrate smoothly with their in-house teams, offering reliable and specialized assistance. As a company that specializes in dedicated software engineering teams, SSA Group ensures that its clients can focus on their core business objectives while the dedicated team handles the technical aspects.

The company’s infrastructure includes robust HR and recruitment processes, legal and accounting support, and meticulous office maintenance, contributing to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the services provided. When clients hire dedicated software developers from SSA Group, they benefit from transparent operations, regular assessments, and proactive issue management, ensuring that projects stay on track. This model has proven successful in enhancing client valuation and facilitating smooth mergers and acquisitions.

With a 95%+ project success rate, over 80% of clients returning for additional services, and a team composed entirely of Senior and Middle II consultants, SSA Group stands out as a reliable partner. Their average employee tenure of four years reflects a stable and experienced workforce, committed to delivering exceptional results. Furthermore, SSA Group offers flexible consultant locations, blended teams for 24/7 coverage, and a clear, direct communication style, ensuring quick turnarounds and full-cycle development capabilities.

SSA Group’s dedicated software development teams range in size from 2 to 35 members, with 5 being the most common. The initial setup period for a team is typically 60 days, ensuring a prompt and efficient start to your project. Among their numerous case studies are the Quality Control Platform, a SaaS solution aiding organizations in following though with various check-ups in the engineering sector in Sweden, and Cairy, an application designed for people with addictions in the healthcare sector, also in Sweden. These examples, along with others available on the website, showcase their capability to deliver tailored solutions across different industries. The teams are structured to integrate seamlessly into existing operations, providing specialized expertise. This approach guarantees high-quality results and effective project management.

SSA Group has established over 50 dedicated software development teams, with an average cooperation lifespan of 7 years. The employees typically remain with the company for an average of 4 years, ensuring continuity and expertise. The company serves clients in 16 countries, including the USA, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Germany, and Ireland. The consultants operate from 11 different locations, providing a global reach.

SSA Group’s dedicated software development team is structured across ten technical departments, each specializing in distinct areas of the software development lifecycle. They provide comprehensive services, starting with Preliminary Requirements Analysis and progressing through UI/UX Design. The development capabilities cover frontend, mobile, desktop, backend, data, and ecommerce solutions. Quality Assurance ensures the reliability and performance of the software, followed by Deployment and Delivery stages. Post-deployment, they offer ongoing Maintenance to support and enhance the software. This full-cycle approach guarantees a thorough and efficient development process tailored to client needs.

With expertise across ten technical departments, SSA Group covers the entire software development lifecycle from Preliminary Requirements Analysis to Maintenance. When you hire a dedicated software development team from SSA Group, you gain a partner capable of delivering comprehensive, high-quality solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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