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These are technology industry leaders that Los Angeles residents should know about. Overall, the city’s tech community has been growing since the 1990s. Los Angeles Future will tell you more about the companies that have positively impacted this process.

Wpromote, a digital marketing company

The company is headquartered in El Segundo, California. Its story dates back to 2001, with Michael Mothner and his colleagues Michael Stone and Michael Block founding the company. Interestingly, the place for this idea to be created was a dorm room at Dartmouth College.

Initially, it was a Pay-per-click advertising company. However, the simple idea has since transformed into a  comprehensive digital marketing agency, providing a complete range of services.

The company subsequently expanded to eight more cities in the United States. Wpromote, located in California, is currently regarded as the largest company. Interestingly, the offices of the El Segundo-based digital marketing company were used for the filming of one of the episodes of the HBO series Silicon Valley. That, as well, has had a positive impact on Wpromote’s popularity, attracting new customers ranging from retailers Forever21 and RVCA to well known brands such as Toyota and Verizon.

Company values

The highest value and the driving force behind effective marketing, according to Wpromote executives, is people. The number of the company’s employees exceeds 750 people and this number is only growing.

So, let’s move on to the equally essential values that guide the company’s activities.

  1. A focus on customer success first and foremost.
  2. A favorable, interactive environment designed for employees. Working in such conditions makes it much easier to create, generate the best ideas and achieve the goals set. 
  3. Respect. Each employee is a part of a smoothly running mechanism.
  4. Transparent working conditions, with an emphasis on positivity and elimination of negativity.
  5. A thirst for more. Overall, digital marketing is an industry with vigorous and continuously evolving growth. Wpromote employees have adapted to that, eagerly looking forward to new challenges. 

Core Digital Media, an online marketing company

Core Digital Media is a member of the large Rocket Companies family, working closely with subsidiaries that are market leaders in their respective industries.

The story of the company’s development and expansion is as follows chronologically.

  1. In 1999, Lowermybills was founded.
  2. The next major step was the introduction of search engine marketing. It took place in the year 2004.
  3. In 2005, the company hit the $1 million revenue mark.
  4. In 2008, the volume of data stored exceeded 1TB.
  5. In 2012, the brand changed its name to Core Digital Media. Their subsequent moves were the abandonment of EIM and the launch of Facebook Marketing. The company became part of Rock Holdings.
  6. The year 2018 saw the launch of a real-time forecasting model with a new focus on consumerization.
  7. The year 2020 was marked by a range of positive developments. The numbers, such as 105,000 closed loans, are the best way to demonstrate this. That same year, the migration of technology to the cloud was finalized.
  8. The company, having connected over 8 million consumers (in 2021), gained ownership of the Quicken Loans brand.

Thus, the company providing internet marketing services in Los Angeles, California, has a  lengthy history. Throughout this time, it has been providing valuable solutions to consumers without jeopardizing their trust.

Company Services

Core Digital Media employees help people improve the financial quality of their lives.

Millions of consumers have been able to save money on out-of-pocket regular expenses thanks to the work of Core Digital Media, including mortgages, credit card fees and insurance premiums.

Consumers receive a rewarding experience through educational content, comparative shopping and other value-added features.

TaskUs, a customer service company

The company was launched back in 2008, which was long before there was a so-called Silicon Beach. Subsequently, the TaskUs office became located near the coveted beach. It is a unique location, as it sits on the grounds of the Santa Monica Airport, offering employees an incredible view of the runway and the ocean.

The company specializes in providing technology-based business services, including website and program backup services. The founders started by partnering with technology companies in need of support. Among their first customers were MailChimp and Eventbrite. Subsequently, the American outsourcing company started providing customer service and moderating content for Facebook. That generated 20% of the company’s revenue, with an additional 12% coming from Doordash.

The company’s workforce exceeded 27500 employees in 2019, a large percentage of which are in the Philippines.

The founders are trying to add Silicon Valley cultures through the following implementations:

  • Through the addition of fitness centers
  • The presence of massage parlors
  • Corporate cafeterias
  • Open floor plans.

Interestingly, the company has a foundation that assists with the education expenses of employees’ children. TaskUs offices are not located in big cities but in the provinces, close to where employees live. So, an additional advantage is saving time on the road.

The idea of ​​creating TaskUs

The startup’s founders have been friends since high school. The young men’s first entrepreneurial idea was to create an all-ages nightclub in Los Angeles. It was relevant to them after returning home from college during the summer. Later, Maddock left his job in Wall Street finance to start his own business with Weir. Initially, it was a  chain of frozen yogurt stores in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Even before the idea took off, the friends failed. It was their first unsuccessful experience, but it certainly wasn’t their last.

The young men returned to their parents and contemplated their next steps. Bryce Maddock thought back about the work he had to do on Wall Street. It didn’t require any particular financial knowledge to enter data into a spreadsheet. That sparked a new idea to create a virtual personal assistant. In 2008, the entrepreneurs used the last 25 thousand dollars they had saved thanks to the nightclub.

The next stage of development was hiring employees in the Philippines. Additionally, they recognized that their company would serve other startups by linking TaskUs to high-growth companies.

Business Awards

The TaskUs office has a wall of fame displaying entrepreneurial awards. One of them is Inc.’s 30 Under 30. Jaspar Ware and Bryce Maddock were EY National Entrepreneur of the Year winners. They are two ambitious entrepreneurs from Santa Monica.

Interestingly, in November 2019, the company won the top national award. In the same year, the founders became the top entrepreneurs in the business services industry.

The technology future of Los Angeles

The number of technologically advanced and successful companies in Los Angeles is expanding year after year. Founders’ stories confirm the fact that failure is inevitable. Very few people get it right the first time. However, those who are persistent and determined will always make it to their goal and will be able to scale and succeed in the field.

The orientations of the company have changed in some respects, as people have become the primary value. As a result, the founders strive to create optimal working conditions for their employees in every possible way.

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