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The company launched in 2017 and has already become one of the city’s shaping digital infrastructures. The Los Angeles Future will tell you more about it.

Mobile commerce platform

Metropolis Technologies is a company based in Santa Monica, California. It is a mobile commerce platform that combines the following key features: mobility, payments and local business. The company’s geographic reach continues to expand. For instance, over 60 cities and 600 parking lots already have access to Metropolis Technologies services.

The company’s digital structure is well developed, allowing members to conduct financial transactions most easily and simply possible.

The company has headquarters in Los Angeles and Nashville. Metropolis’ activities are supported by leading real estate investors and venture capitalists.

The company’s history

Chronologically, the company’s development can be divided into the following periods.

  1. Establishment. It happened in 2017 when a team of talented and enterprising developers created a platform for easy access to authorized vehicles. That served as a basis for the product’s subsequent development and improvement.
  2. In 2018, the company successfully launched its first location. Interestingly, the company’s first platform app was deployed in Venice, California.
  3. By 2019, the network expanded, increasing exposure to diverse asset types throughout Los Angeles. The platform has been integrated into field operations such as Class A office buildings or multi-garage complexes.
  4. In 2021, the company raised 41 million dollars to develop the team and build a product that eventually led to a significant expansion of geolocation. Subsequently, Metropolis Technologies’ services became available in New York City, Nashville, Austin, Seattle, and San Francisco.
  5. In 2022, the company acquired Premier Parking. Their next step was to raise 167 million dollars for the expansion.
  6. 2023 was a year of new accomplishments for the company, which raised 1.7 billion dollars through Series C financing. The company’s capabilities have also expanded, with the services becoming available in 360 cities. That’s over a million consumers and over 4 billion dollars in annual revenue.

The company is always moving forward, setting and achieving new goals.

Principles of the company’s work

The company integrates various elements of daily travel, including commuting to work, enjoying a morning coffee, and shopping for groceries in the evening, into a unified experience. The Metropolis payment method provides a solid foundation for advanced mobile commerce.

Persuasion means believing in the power of technology and its ability to improve the community. Company leadership values perseverance. 

The employees represent an essential asset of the company. They are specialists in their field who perform their work with high quality and receive not only a decent salary but also certain guarantees and benefits from their employer.

Working at Metropolis Technologies and employee perceptions

The company works to create a pleasant environment, emphasizing care for its employees. It comes down to such benefits and benefits:

  • Childcare assistance and leave
  • Paid sick leave and vacation
  • Guaranteed retirement benefits
  • Health benefits, including dental and medical insurance and wellness programs
  • Office bonuses. The company provides relocation assistance and offers happy hours sponsored by Metropolis Technologies
  • professional benefits. Additionally, employees receive daily lunches and ongoing opportunities for professional development and career advancement.

More and more companies are making corporate culture a priority. So, Metropolis Technologies is no exception. The company provides opportunities for employees to volunteer in local communities and offers affordable partnerships with nonprofit organizations.

The company’s employees express positive feedback about their cooperative experiences and highlight the significance of their own role. For instance, how much a person contributes to the team’s success determines their progress and future promotions.

The company with the most funding in 2022

Interestingly, Metropolis Technologies was among the top 5 Los Angeles tech companies that received the most funding. The company came in second place, with SpaceX taking the lead, having raised 1.68 billion dollars in equity funding.

At the same time, Metropolis Technologies succeeded in raising 167 million dollars through Series B financing. The total amount of funding reached 226 million dollars.

The company’s mobile app makes it easy for customers to enter and exit parking lots with seamless payment. The number of users in 2022 exceeded 1.8 million people.

Leap forward

Metropolis Technologies is the company that has been instrumental in developing the city’s digital infrastructure. However, the company continues to push forward, constantly evolving and expanding its capabilities.

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