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Griffith Park in Los Angeles, the history og its creation

Los Angeles is a megapolis that impresses with its beauty, grandeur and architectural landmarks. That is why our city is often visited by tourists. Griffith Park is not just a jewel of Los Angeles but also the largest park in the country. It is a constant location for filming movies and a favorite leisure place for locals and visitors of Los Angeles. Today we will talk more about this park. You can find more details on the pages of

A story worthy of a Hollywood movie 

The history of Griffith Park is quite interesting. In the mid-nineteenth century, Antonio Felice owned a large territory in Los Angeles. The man organized a ranch called Los Felice. Next door to Antonio lived a not quite honest lawyer, who fraudulently obtained the owner’s signature on the will. Thus, the lawyer took possession of the land. After the death of Antonio Felice, instead of a visually impaired Felice’s niece who was left without means of subsistence, the ranch was given to the neighbor. The relative was desperate and cursed the fraudsters, predicting for them trouble and misfortune. It is unclear whether the curse of the young girl worked or God punished the new owners of the ranch, but the troubles began. For several years, the landowners were haunted by family troubles and deaths, financial problems, etc. Everything stopped when the future park was purchased by Jay Griffith. 

Jay Griffith converted the ranch into an ostrich farm. The man was successful and had considerable wealth, so he decided to give back to the country and the city. Griffith donates 1200 hectares of land to his fellow country folk. He finances the design and arrangement of the park. In December 1896, on Christmas Eve, Griffith Park was opened.

An astonishing park that amazes with its scale

Griffith Park has become 1.5 times bigger since its foundation. It harmoniously combines wildlife with modern buildings. 

Residents and guests of the city can walk or ride a bike in the park. There are more than 60 kilometers of routes. All routes are equipped with a place for rest and drinking water. If you go deep into the park, you can even meet wild animals. But there is also danger in the park: poisonous oaks and snakes. Therefore, you need to be careful and read the information boards. 

The observatory is another place in the park that is popular. It was opened in 1935. The founder of the park wished that the entrance to the observatory was free for visitors. The only thing you have to pay for is to watch the show, At the center of the Universe. In 2006, the planetarium was reconstructed but managed to preserve its interior in the Art Deco style.

Besides the observatory, there are also museums on the territory, such as the Autry Museum of the American West and Travel Town Museum.  There is also a Greek theater that was built in 1929. Large-scale shows are often held at the outdoor concert venue.

Griffith Park also has a zoo and botanical garden, which are popular with tourists and locals alike. In the zoo, you can see more than a thousand species of animals, reptiles and birds. It should be noted that animals live in conditions as close to nature as possible. The botanical garden is harmoniously combined with the zoo and thus creates the necessary natural environment for its inhabitants. 

Griffith Park is a highlight of Los Angeles where you can spend your leisure time with benefits. You can find all sorts of entertainment for visitors of any age on its gigantic territory. The park is often a place to shoot movies and various shows. After all, the beauty of Griffith Park impresses and does not bother even the natives of Los Angeles. 

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