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Hollywood, the most famous neighborhood in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a beautiful metropolis inhabited by more than 3 million people. Our city is visited by many tourists because of our numerous architectural landmarks. Also, many people are attracted by the center of cinematography, Hollywood. Hollywood is a neighborhood in Los Angeles that everyone associates with the American film industry. That’s all because this area is home to a large number of film studios and many stars of show business. Today we will talk about the history of Hollywood, how it was created, the origins of its name and how the film industry began to develop. Read more about this popular part of Los Angeles on the pages of

Development of agriculture, not film studios

The history of the area began several hundred years ago. Instead of modern Hollywood estates, in 1853, there was only one mud house. Agriculture flourished on this territory until 1870, which provided a good harvest of grain crops. 

In 1887, the Whitley family purchased a plot of land there and established a farm.

Hobart Johnstone Whitley is considered to be The Father of Hollywood, being the one to name this place. He and his wife heard this word during their honeymoon.  But there is another version. Researchers note that the area was named Hollywood to split its boundaries, wood and holly. 

It should be noted that Los Angeles, at that time, was located 16 kilometers from Hollywood. 

The development of Hollywood

In 1903 Hollywood was registered as a municipality. A year later, public transport (a trolley car) began its work, which made it possible to get to Los Angeles relatively quickly. In 1910, Hollywood became part of the city of Los Angeles. It was all because the residents of the municipality wanted to have a regular water supply and access to drainage sewerage. After the settlement joined the city, the first film was shot.

It should be noted that initially, film production was located in Los Angeles and preceded film production in Hollywood. In 1906, the famous A Daring Southern California Hold Up film was shot in Los Angeles. Moreover, the first studio of the Selig Polyscope Company was also located in the city. 

But after Hollywood became part of Los Angeles, the filmmakers decided to explore new territories. The place seemed attractive to the directors and the first film, In Old California, was shot.

From the first film studio to the world-famous center of the US cinema

The first film studio in Hollywood was founded by the Centaur Company, which was originally located in New Jersey. In 1911, it was decided to shoot westerns in California. That is why they rented a room in Hollywood. It was an abandoned roadside eatery, which was converted into a film studio and given the name,  Nestor Studio. Thus, the first Hollywood films began to be shot: The Squaw Man, From Dusk till Dawn and The Sea Wolf. 

In almost ten years in the United States of America, Hollywood has become world famous because a large number of movies were shot here. The Los Angeles area began to actively develop and expand:

  • In 1946, the first commercial television station began operating in Hollywood.
  • In the 50s, the famous highway from Hollywood to Los Angeles was built.
  • In 1956, the famous Capitol Records Building was built.
  • The famous Hollywood Walk of Fame was created in 1958. 

In addition, Hollywood consists of 19 neighborhoods and there were even times when residents sought to secede from Los Angeles and become a municipality. However, so far, it is still a prominent district of a megalopolis. 

We hope our material was informative for you and that you learned more about the history of your hometown.

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