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Kevin Mitnick is a hacker from Los Angeles who became a computer security consultant

The IT sphere is becoming more and more popular every year. IT specialties are becoming in demand in many industries, so more and more young people choose information technology and become programmers and developers. It should be noted that information technology is not a domain of modern times. Computers and the Internet came into existence more than a few decades ago. Along with the first programs, the first hackers started their activities. The world famous hacker started his career in Los Angeles. So, today we will talk about this famous personality in the field of information security, Kevin Mitnick, who is known for his former hacker past. Find out more about Kevin Mitnick on the pages of

Childhood in Los Angeles

The future computer security consultant was born in the United States of America. When the boy was three years old, his parents divorced, so his mother and Kevin moved to Los Angeles. The woman got a job in a beer restaurant as a waitress, which is why she was often forced to leave her son at home alone. But Kevin didn’t get bored and entertained himself as much as he could. He lived in a metropolis city where every district of Los Angeles was interesting to him. So instead of going to school, Mitnick traveled around the City of Angels. But pocket money wasn’t enough, so Kevin figured out how the ticket system worked on local buses. As a result, the guy bought a special composter with which he could “read” the date and route of the trip. At the age of 12, Mitnick forged bus tickets and could travel around the big city all day long.

Then the young man studied the work of phone exchanges and learned to make free calls.

Serious crimes

When Kevin Mitnick was 16 years old, he committed a more serious crime than bus ticket forgery. The young man gained unauthorized access to the computer network of Digital Equipment Corporation, hacked the computer system and copied the software. Nine years later, Mitnick was convicted. He received a year of a suspended sentence and three years under supervision without the right to use a computer or phone.

The young hacker couldn’t stand the punishment and, at the end of his three-year term hacked into Pacific Bell’s voicemail. He was hiding from justice for more than two years. While on the run, Kevin Mitnick continued to break the law. He gained unauthorized access to computer networks, cloned cell phones and forged documents, copied software of large companies in the United States and so on.

The hacker was detained and convicted in 1999. Mitnick spent five years in prison. In 2000, he was released, but for another three years, he was not allowed to use any means of communication except a landline phone.

He is done with his past 

Kevin Mitnick did not return to his criminal past. By the way, he appealed the decision in court and got access to the Internet without waiting for three years to pass.

The man started everything from scratch. Mitnick is a leading cybernetics specialist and the head of Mitnick Security Consulting. Based on his life experiences, Mitnick wrote his bestseller Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures as the World’s Most Wanted Hacker and many other books. He is a tremendously talented information technology specialist, which is why his books are so popular.  

Such is the life story of the world-famous hacker who redirected his abilities in the right direction. We hope that our material was interesting for you and that you made the appropriate conclusions.

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