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The airport site is located on the Pacific Ocean between Imperial Highway, Lincoln Boulevard and Sepulveda Boulevard. The airport is scattered over the territory with separate terminals. The main building of the airport is located in the center. There are 14 terminals on the territory. They are divided into arrival and departure zones. All terminals and the port are interconnected by underground transport. Read more on la-future.

The inconvenience of a modern airport

The airport of Los Angeles does not have a unified design because all the terminals were built in different years. The airport is very busy with passengers. The number of arrivals and departures is approximately 700,000 per year. About 65 million people are served annually. Passenger traffic increases by approximately 8% per year. Therefore, in the project of the future airport, it is estimated that by 2075, the passenger traffic at the Los Angeles airport will be approximately 392 million people.

How will it be possible to get to the airport?

A bus will run through the airport. The airport can be reached by metro, public transport, taxi or private car.

Therefore, it is necessary to design 3 entrances to the airport territory. This will free the rest of the streets passing through it. Parking spaces for cars can be located on two sides along the main building.

Los Angeles airport is located along the coast of the Pacific Ocean, so it is worth combining the airport with water transport. The nearest port is 32 kilometers south of the city center, in San Pedro. This port is the largest in the United States.

Energy-efficient building materials

As the climate of Los Angeles is very hot, it is necessary to create comfortable conditions for passengers at the new airport. For this purpose, one can use special covers that protect from the sun’s rays but do not prevent air from entering the room and almost do not reduce lighting.

One can also use combined sunscreens. They consist of vertical and horizontal plates framing the light holes. It is necessary to use light-colored materials in painting and decorating walls and coatings. Thus, the white color has a high reflectance.

To prevent the accumulation of sunlight and the transfer of heat into the premises of buildings, it is necessary to move the structures of open stairs outside the buildings. The material for covering the floor must be chosen with high heat absorption rates, such as marble, mosaic, cement, clay, concrete or ceramic slabs.

Since there is almost no precipitation in Los Angeles, it is proposed to install solar panels on the entire roof area of the airport. Artificial ventilation and landscaping can be used to create an internal microclimate at the airport. It is located on the shore of the Pacific Ocean so ocean water can also be used.

The airport will become a tourist magnet

Los Angeles is visited mainly to see the Walk of Fame and the Hollywood sign, swim in the Pacific Ocean and enjoy the nightlife in local bars. The city is dominated by low buildings with a regular layout. Most people live in their villas. Skyscrapers are located in the central part of the city. Los Angeles has the 10 tallest architectural structures in the state of California.

Los Angeles is a tourist city. Therefore, it is necessary to create an area for leisure at the airport (a concert venue, an amusement park, a cinema for showing premieres, etc.). This will allow transit passengers to enjoy their vacation without visiting the city.

Los Angeles is known to the world as the capital of the film industry. This fact should be used in the architecture of the airport. The main facade should be visible from all sides so that passengers can admire the view of the Pacific coast.

How will the airport work be organized?

The airport is scattered over the territory by separate islands. Each one is a terminal. The main building of the airport is located in the center of the territory. Terminals are divided into arrival and departure areas. The arrival terminals are located closer to the ocean and the departure terminals are on the other side of the main airport building. There is also a port on the shore.

All terminals are interconnected by underground transport, as the airport territory is quite extensive. There are 4 runways on the territory of the airport. There is also a subway line that connects the city with the main building through the airport.

The main building of the airport will have:

  1. Concert venue is located in the center. Famous performers will appear here. Various events, festivals, award ceremonies and concerts will be held as well. The area of the concert venue is like an amphitheater. Along each row, there will be seats with a luggage compartment for the comfortable stay of passengers.
  2. The park is intended for passengers and guests of the city who do not have time to visit the city.
  3. Museum of Modern Art. Various exhibitions, awards, nominations and everything related to the history of Hollywood will be presented here.
  4. Hotel for transit passengers with an area of almost 5 hectares.
  5. Shopping areas are located around the concert venue.
  6. Restaurant. Here one can taste the most delicious dishes of Los Angeles, as well as hold banquets for an unlimited number of people.
  7. At the entrance, there are areas where you can use the scooter and scooter rental service, which will allow you to quickly move around the building. The territory between the zones will be used as a recreation park.

What will the terminals look like?

All airport facilities are divided into terminals designed exclusively for the departure and arrival of passengers. The terminals consist of 4 levels, two of which are underground.

There is a metro station, a passenger service area, bathrooms and communications on the lower level of the departure terminal. The second level hosts check-in, baggage drop-off and technical areas, warehouses and staff premises. After collecting their luggage, visitors go to the third level. There, passengers find themselves in a movie screening area dedicated to the star after whom this terminal is named.

This level also hosts inspection and passport control areas, duty-free, shopping areas and zones for departure waiting. There are shops and bathrooms near each waiting area.

The following premises are located in the terminal intended for the arrival of passengers: arrival and baggage claim area, inspection and passport control area, staff premises, movie screening, technical area, hotel and restaurant. Upon entering the arrivals area, passengers are immediately directed to the passport control and inspection area. Then, they get to the movie screening zone. Going down to the lower level, passengers collect their luggage and go down to the subway.

The terminals, the main building and the port are connected by internal underground transport. When passengers arrive at the airport, they first enter the main building, where the leisure area is located. Then, they descend to a lower level, to the underground transport area.

The building resembles a city where administrative areas (business center, staff area, service) and public areas (concert venue, hotel, restaurant, museum, shops, recreation areas) are concentrated. The facades of the terminals are different and each of them has its own unique shape. The sharp pointed forms of the terminals symbolize the purposeful spirit of Los Angeles.

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