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It is located in the North Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles. At first glance, this is an interesting building, the creation and construction of which is associated with fascinating Byzantine architecture. The Co-Cathedral of the Melkite Greek Catholic Eparchy of Newton (as it was named by Pope Francis in 2015) covers the United States. What is the history of this Greek Catholic cathedral? What is special about the modern building? Find out more at la-future.

From its founding history

In 1909, St. Anne Cathedral was established. As a reminder, Eastern Christians liturgically honor her three times a year: on September 9 (her birthday), December 9 (the conception of Mary) and July 25 (the time of her assumption). The modern structure was built in North Hollywood in 1965. At that time, Father Gerasimos Sawaya crossed the west coast. It should be added that he was the first Melkite priest-missionary.

The parish church became the mother church for the following Melkite communities:

  • Holy Cross Church in Placentia
  • Virgin Mary Mission in Temecula
  • St. Philip Mission in San Bernardino
  • Annunciation Mission in Covina and many other communities.

It is known that St. Anne Melkite Greek Catholic Cathedral in Los Angeles was one of the first to serve the Arab community in the city. The cathedral became the central place of worship.

A unique building

St. Anne Melkite Greek Catholic Cathedral stands as a shining example of modern Byzantine architecture. The interior of the building is decorated with mosaics and painted icons. They depict significant feasts observed in the Byzantine calendar that believers can see, as well as stories from the New Testament and images of saints. In general, there are many icons in the church, serving as windows to the heavens.

The cathedral features a mosaic of Jonah, with a depiction of the whale’s mouth and a man almost trapped, surrounded by the ocean. This work dates back to 2008.

Church activities

  1. St. Anne Youth Group, called SAMYA, is for children aged 13-18, i.e. from 8th grade to senior year of High School. The purpose of the group is to establish contacts between teenagers. The programs are constantly updated, and the teenagers are eager to learn and lead fulfilling lives.
  2. St. Anne Young Adults. This is a SAYA group for young people aged 18 to 26.
  3. St. Anne’s Ladies League. The League invites women of the parish to participate in events and join their activities.
  4. St. Anne’s Social Club is based on socializing and getting together. Participants in the social club engage in conversations, share meals, enjoy entertainment, participate in social parish events and go on trips. A notable example is the Valentine’s Day dinner and dance party featuring special guests.
  5. St. Anne’s Sunday School serves the valuable purpose of teaching believers to appreciate and love their faith. Sunday school is designed for children from kindergarten to 7th grade.

Meetings with Parishioners

Every Friday at 7:30 PM, meetings take place in the Heritage Room, where all attendees have the opportunity to learn more about the Bible, church teachings, and more. All you need to bring to the meeting is your Bible.

St. Anne Melkite Catholic Cathedral serves the Melkite community in Los Angeles. You might wonder, who are the Melkites? They, or Byzantine Rite Catholics are descendants of the early Christians of Antioch. In translation, “melek” means king, and accordingly, the believers came to be known as Melkites.

The church has become a home for over 500 families. Parishioners have the option to make contributions electronically if they wish.

The cathedral is located on Moorpark St. It is one of the architectural gems that is definitely worth visiting.

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