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Los Angeles Yacht Club (LAYC) is considered one of the most historically significant organizations in Southern California. la-future will provide more information about the club’s history, architectural features and traditions.

A brief history of LAYC

  1. In 1901, thanks to the efforts of enthusiastic sailors and motorboat captains in Los Angeles, South Coast Yacht Club was established. Interestingly, the club later merged with Los Angeles Motor Boat Club. Thus, Los Angeles Yacht Club was created.
  2. Just two years after its founding, the first official yacht races in Southern California took place. It was a remarkable event of unprecedented scale. Brighton Beach and Point Fermin yachts competed for first place.
  3. In 1906, the first race, known to the modern generation as the Transpac, took place. In the same year, the yacht club was moved to 22nd Street Park.
  4. 1936 is remembered for the fact that LAYC moved to its own clubhouse, built in the New England style in Fish Harbor (Terminal Island). Until 1936, this yacht club shared its clubhouse with the California Yacht Club.
  5. In 1993, the yacht club had to change its location. Even the constant growth of commercial traffic did not affect the decision. As a result, LAYC was relocated to another marina, Cabrillo in San Pedro.

Clubhouse of LAYC

One of the prominent members of the yacht club was Douglas Fairbanks. He was a well-known American actor and director who made comedy films. Douglas was also a founding member of The Motion Picture Academy. He was one of the biggest stars of Hollywood in the 1910s and 1920s.

It’s worth mentioning a bit more about the clubhouse itself, the area of which exceeded 1110 square meters. The yacht club house housed a large library with an exhibition of trophies, club members were able to gather for conversations and view exclusive ship models as well as photos taken since the club’s founding.

Of course, the clubhouse featured a bar and Angels Gate. Club members had the opportunity to enjoy delicious meals, and private receptions were held at the establishment. LAYC gained popularity through its annual social, cruising and racing events.

Top frequently asked questions and answers of LAYC

  1. Regatta Network controls all race records. The racing portal contains documents related to the races.
  2. To become a member of the yacht club, you need to fill out a membership application in advance. Therefore, Los Angeles Yacht Club is available by invitation only.
  3. Sailing lessons are available. Users just need to fill out an interest form and wait for a response.
  4. It’s worth highlighting Women On Water (WOW), which provides an opportunity for female members of Los Angeles Yacht Club to enjoy sailing and leisure time. Each event organized by women for women concludes with a wrap-up session, pleasant conversations and delicious meals at the yacht club.

Commodores Wall

The institution is renowned for its rich history of leadership, with a tradition of strong commodores at the helm. In 2022, Kelly Marie assumed the role of Commodore of Los Angeles Yacht Club.

The club is open to the public and offers open tours every Thursday and Friday from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM (exceptions: December and January). Pre-registration is required to participate, with group sizes limited to 15 people, and the tour itself lasts for approximately 20-30 minutes.

Yacht clubs like LAYC have always attracted people seeking exclusivity, privileges, entertainment and socializing. The number of races and vibrant events only adds to the club’s appeal. Its history dates back to 1901 and serves as a successful example.

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